AA Direct Refurbs have over 25 years of experience providing suspended ceilings for a wide range of clients from sectors including education, local authorities, hospitals, warehouses and features plus shopping centres.

Here are some questions we regularly get asked by customers –

Your Questions Answered About Suspended Ceilings

  • What types of suspended ceilings are there?

A suspended ceiling is dropped false ceiling of which there are 2 or 3 styles.

Acoustic ceilings – Soundproofing within a building is not just for the walls and the floors. A suspended ceiling which utilises acoustic tiles can absorb, block or disperse sound. Installing acoustical tiles which have a high noise reduction coefficient rating (NRC) can help reduce noise levels from rooms above and sound which may emit upwards and out from the room you are in. These types of ceilings can also deaden noise by stopping echoes. Particularly useful in large, open plan communal workspaces.

Thermal ceilings – The properties of these ceiling tiles mean that these types of drop ceiling help to retain heat and maintain consistent room temperature. Having good insulation is a positive step towards energy saving; something we are all being encouraged to do in these more environmentally aware times. Improving the thermal qualities of a building also helps to save money.

Wipeable ceilings – Environments, where high standards of hygiene are essential, can utilise suspended wipeable ceilings. These tiles can be installed and sealed to withstand robust and frequent cleaning routines to tackle dirt and bacteria. Perfect for food preparation, commercial kitchens, care homes, hospitals and healthcare, and scientific laboratories.


  • Do you specialise in a specific type of drop/suspended ceiling?

We specialise in the installation of Lay-in grid modular systems. These typically consist of a metal frame, often steel, which is attached to the ceiling or joists above with tiles installed within this framework. This is ideal for setting LED light panels into the drop ceiling to deliver a high-quality lighting system.

Suspended ceiling tiles

Drop ceiling being installed in a communal space

  • What are suspended ceiling tiles made of?

Suspended ceiling tiles are made of a mineral fibre fire-protected product. In the event of a fire every second count and this material’s “passive” fire protective properties, when used in conjunction with a fully functioning “active” system (sprinklers, alarms, etc) and good fire safety practices could play a vital role in assisting building evacuation.

  • How long does it take to install a suspended ceiling?

It really depends upon the surface area of the interior space. A small area of approximately 50 square metres will take up to 2 days to install. This is roughly the size of 2 or 3 lounges. For a specific timescale and pricing AA Direct Refurbs Ltd will be happy to measure your ceiling area and provide an accurate quote.


  • Is there a maximum surface area for a suspended ceiling?

No, they can cover massive areas as they are suspended from the ceiling or joists above.


  • What types of suspended ceiling tile are there?

There are assorted colours, patterns and styles, a variety of sizes and they are square in shape. Coupled with acoustic, thermal and hygiene qualities, it is possible to install a drop ceiling which meets the numerous requirements of interior design and interior architecture brief. This gives many options within retail, office, education and healthcare environments to name a few.


  • How much clearance is needed for a suspended ceiling?

The ideal drop shouldn’t leave any less than 150mm void space. This is to allow for factors like airflow, lighting and electrical installation, and insulation.



  • Can a drop ceiling be painted?

Yes, normally when they are old and tatty a fresh coat of paint can spruce them up. We also offer a decorating service alongside our ceiling installation and office refurbishment work.


  • If so, what type of paint is used?

Emulsion and gloss paint can be applied. Check whether this may affect acoustic qualities first, if in doubt please contact us with your enquiries.


  • Are suspended ceilings fire retardant?

Yes, suspended ceilings have fire protective and fire retardant qualities. We will be happy to advise on any of the material capabilities before installation begins.

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