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How are Suspended Ceilings Installed?

10 Aug 2019

The first stage of installing a suspended ceiling (sometimes referred to as a drop ceiling) is having the dimensions of the room measured so we are able to accurately design the suspended ceiling grid.

Once the dimensions have been taken accurately, the drop of the ceiling will need to be determined to measure around the perimeter of the room.

Measuring and marking the drop of the ceiling prevents any surprises when the grid is fitted. The false ceiling is hung from a bracket fixed to the underside of the floor slab which supports a series of interlocking metal sections that form the grid. Once the grid is fitted installation can begin for lighting, speakers, air conditioning and anything else you want concealing within the ceiling.

Finally, we will place the chosen tiles within the frame to complete the look of your suspended ceiling.

Sustainable Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings offer sustainability for our customers, here are some ways they can benefit your property –

• Energy Efficiency – this includes thermal insulating qualities and daylight efficacy which equates to how much natural light is being allowed into your rooms by having a suspended ceiling

• Fire Protective Materials – Our range of suspended ceilings are made from a mineral fibre fire-protected product meaning they are fire retardant

Easy to Modify Drop Ceilings

One of the main advantages of having drop ceilings from AA Direct Refurbs is the fact that if repairs or modifications are required for any reason; they are easy for our team to complete!

Tiles that are part of a dropped ceiling are easy to remove to allow access to the area above the grid for wiring and plumbing modifications. If remodelling is required most of the components of the grid can be dismantled and reassembled elsewhere.

When it comes to finished ceilings, wires and pipes installed behind traditional plaster or wallboard ceilings are extremely hard to modify once it’s complete. Wires must be fished through hollow spaces in the walls behind the ceiling or the ceiling must be demolished for the wiring or piping changes to be completed.

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