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Office Refurbishments to Save Energy

11 Jul 2019

If it is time to upgrade and refresh your place of work, then commercial office refurbishments can help your business to become more energy efficient. We are all having to face up to climate change and making an investment in adaptations can help you to save money while reducing your carbon footprint. A large percentage of our time is spent at work; the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime, so the office environment can impact hugely on our quality of life. A professional refurbishment can create a more pleasant experience and improve your environmental credentials.

Office Refurbishments for Energy Efficiency

How much space do you need? Larger spaces can be more expensive to heat and light. Here are a few ideas to consider for office refurbishments:

  1. Lower the ceiling – having a drop ceiling installed will not only hide unsightly cables and trunking. Smaller spaces are easier and more efficient to heat.
  2. Improve insulation – using suspended ceiling insulation pads will retain heat. Other improvements are to make sure that windows, doors, and floors are insulated. Up to a third of heat can escape due to lack of insulation. Stop energy loss by filling draughty gaps around windows, skirting boards and floor boards. Once this has been done, turning down your thermostat by just 1 degree can save 10% on energy bills according to the WWF.
  3. Change your lighting – lighting in an office is importance to the general ambience and function. Compact fluorescent lamps use only around 25% of the electricity as traditional light bulbs to provide the same light. Swapping to energy efficient bulbs like LED’s in your suspended ceiling rather than fluorescent tubes could save up to 75% on lighting electricity consumption, which could equate to thousands of pounds per year. Using timers or sensors in corridors and communal spaces means that you only use the lights you need.

Office Refurbishments from AA Direct Refurbs Ltd

AA Direct Refurbs have been professionally installing suspended ceilings in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and through the West Midlands since 1982. We undertake high quality office refurbishments to refresh and upgrade tired work places and adapt them to meet the demands of your business. Contact us today for a quote.