Suspended Ceiling Installer in Wolverhampton

Sound Proofing and Sound Control in Workplaces

29 Jul 2019

The everyday sounds of the working environment can be distracting, cause disruption and reduce productivity. Sounds travel in many forms and can be produced by many sources; telephone conversations, face to face conversations, radios, equipment and machinery. Depending upon the job role and department some noise may need to be contained. Installing a drop ceiling is one of several methods to control sound within your working environment.

This could improve office to office privacy, where key meetings and conversations can be kept between intended recipients. Or it could be about preventing the sounds of a shop floor being emitted into an adjacent office space.

Sound Proofing and Absorption in Offices, Meeting Spaces and Conference Rooms

Fundamentally, any sound travels in waves as the vibrations push and pull against adjacent air molecules, creating a sound wave. Sound can also travel through liquid, gas and solid materials. Which is why it is important to get the infrastructure of your office and workspace right in order to control sound transmission.

Suspended ceilings act as a double barrier to sound. The framework sits about 150mm below the existing ceiling creating a gap in between. Tiles with acoustic properties can absorb sound travelling around a room. Deadening echoes makes a space quieter. The ceiling can also work in conjunction with insulation and sound proofing flooring above to stop the transmission of noise between different levels within a building.

When offices are being refurbished, we can divide spaces into smaller more private work areas, adding in materials with sound reducing properties as part of the design and build process.

Suspended Ceilings and Sound Proofing in Birmingham

When creating an office and working environment in the West Midlands including, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, and Dudley. We have a lot of experience in making adaptive spaces which control noise levels through sound proofing, drop ceilings, and subdivision. Whether you are looking to adapt an existing office or working room or have taken on a new premises which needs completely refurbishing for your business needs. Contact AA Direct Refurbs Ltd for further advice and a quote.