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Why Suspended Ceilings are Used in Schools

29 Aug 2019

AA Direct Refurbs regularly works in the education sector; providing suspended ceilings to schools, colleges and universities right across the Black Country.

The main reason we are regularly chosen to work on these sort of projects is the speed we are able to install drop ceilings; especially at times like the school holidays. This coupled with our reputation for quality work is the reason we have amassed over 25 years of experience in the industry.
Grid and tile ceilings are also a popular choice for education buildings because they offer easy access to services above the ceiling.

Outstanding Acoustics with Suspended Ceilings

Soundproofing within a building isn’t just for walls and floors. A suspended ceiling with acoustic tiles can absorb, block and disperse sound. This can be particularly crucial in education buildings where silence and concentration are required for students and staff. Installing acoustical tiles with a high noise reduction coefficient rating (NRC) helps to reduce the noise levels from rooms above and sound that could emit upwards and out from the room you’re based in.

This type of ceiling can also deaden noise and prevent echoes; meaning they are regularly used in larger rooms of education facilities such as communal eating areas, lecture halls and gymnasiums.
If you have suspended ceilings in your main hall for example, which is used for plays, shows and speeches this will help maintain the sound quality and improve acoustic performance too.

Only the Finest Suspended Ceilings

All types of suspended ceilings provided by AA Direct Refurbs are installed to BSEN 13964 standards which applies to all drop ceilings and testing methods across Europe.

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